Shepherd's Hill Rural Initiative

To all those who are ready......
to pray & help...

About ministry involvement: I have been in full-time Christian ministry from 1988 until the present.  The two organizations I have worked with are: (i) the village Baptist Church - in Christian Education and Pastoral Care ministry; (ii)The UESI (Union of Evangelical Students of India, known as IFES or Intervarsity in US) -  as Field Staff for Assam and Regional Graduate Department Secretary at present.

New Ministry: For many years past I have had a deep concern for this oppressed and underprivileged people group, but I did not have the courage to step out from my secure ministry environment.  And as time has passed, my conviction and God's calling has become clearer to serve among the Rural Poor Community.  Therefore, with this conviction I am stepping out by faith from my present ministry.  And I will start working full time for the Rural Community by the end of February 2012.

The needs are overwhelming and lots of preparation is needed!  But I need to begin somewhere by trusting in God's strength and provisions.  Three main things I am planning to start this year are:

About me: My name is Tamreiwon Shanglai, but most people know me by the short name 'Awon'. My family is part of a Christian minority in a largely Hindu state, Manipur. My parents were among the first converts in the 1930s. Along with the other few converts they started a Baptist Church in the village. My father served as the first pastor in that church for a good many years.
About the place & people: My village, Kason Khullen, is situated in the Hill Station of North East India near the border with Myanmar.  Unfortunately, my tribe, Tangkhul Naga, is one of the most oppressed among the tribal groups in the North Eastern Region because of the political tension between the two states of Nagaland and Manipur.  The saddest part is the negligence of the Indian Central Government toward the on-going issues of the Naga people.
1. A hostel - to provide a safe place for the girls who are coming from the rural area for their college degree in the city of Shillong (a. Monthly house rent for the hostel - $800 / b. Furnishing the hostel - 10 beds, tables and chairs, curtains for doors, windows, dining hall furniture, gas connection - $2000 )

2. Project Light Program - an ESL software lesson to help students learn and improve English to enhance their academic careers and also to teach the Gospel from the stories in the lesson.  This lesson will be provided to unemployed youth to train them in speaking English for job interviews and personal development. (a. 5 computers - approximately $1200 / b. Tables, chairs & whiteboard - $500 )

3. To conduct counseling and mentoring class / training for rural school teachers and church leaders.

I would like to request your prayer support and active partnership in whatever way God leads you.  God affirmed my calling for the ministry from Phillippians 1:29 and I share with you today for His glory.

In Christ,

Awon Shanglai

January 18, 2012